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Southern Painting Concrete Patio & Floor Coatings

Southern Painting Sure Concrete Patio & Floor Coatings

There are a number of products on the market that are intended for use on concrete surfaces.  Which product is best for you, and how it should be applied depends on a number of factors.  A Southern Painting Estimator will be happy to review your application and make a recommendation about what approach is best suited for you.  The process followed for coating concrete surfaces varies depending on the product to be applied, but is generally described as follows:

Product & Color Selection

  • Product selection is guided by the intended use of the area being coated.  For instance, is it interior to the home, or will it be exposed to the sun?  Will it be walked on, or driven on?
  • Typical coatings for concrete include Epoxy Coatings, Silicone Acrylic Sealers, Infused Stains, specialty masonry coatings, etc.
  • Color choices may be limited by the product that is appropriate for the surface being coated.

Acid Etching & Power Washing

  • Some products require that the surface to be coated be etched with muriatic acid (the same acid as is used to lower pH in swimming pools) in order to open up the pores in the concrete to better receive the coating.
  • Dirt, mildew, algae, grease, etc., must also be removed in order for the product to adhere properly.  If the surface has grease spots on it, a TSP solution may be required at this stage.
  • Following power washing, the surface must be allowed to dry thoroughly.


  • While not typical, some concrete treatments require special primer coats.

Surface Coating

  • One or two coats of the designated product are applied.

Sealer Coat Application

  • Some products may require a clear sealer top-coat to protect the surface and/or to create the desired sheen.
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